December 19, 2011

candy cane cookies


as soon as we received the calendar for cayden's class for december, i told jeremy to be on the look-out for holiday party sign-ups. i'm all about signing up for the special treat line now that we had a successful go at halloween. and oh, baby, we snagged it again. (and now that i think about it, i wonder if we're really snagging it? most likely, all the other parents are like, "whew! that cayden kid took that again. i don't have to worry about making something special...")

but i digress. of course i turned to the one place that knows all things about making special treats: pinterest! in particular, i used this recipe. and you know, we bought the extra large bag of the candy cane kisses. those things are so good.


the cookies turned out fabulous. we weren't super-patient when we plopped the kisses onto the second batch that came out of the oven. sure, they looked fine, but as i snagged a cookie for us to test out, the second i tilted it, the kiss melted and ran all over the place. and while it looked a mess, OMG, candy cane icing spread across the whole cookie? to die for good. seriously.

so my suggestion, should you decide to try these out... let the kisses melt some. so. good.

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