November 8, 2011

over the weekend...


... we went to orange beach (alabama) for a wedding! i'd never been to orange beach, but with it being on the gulf coast, i knew that it would be just as beautiful as the florida beaches i grew up enjoying. and i was right!


only problem was the wind. good grief! we took the boys down to the beach to play in the sand and the wind kept taking sawyer's breath away. poor little guy. thankfully by the time of the wedding, the wind had died down.


the place we stayed was fabulous. we were in a penthouse. a four bedroom penthouse, to be exact. and we tried to pretend we were all fancy, but really, we weren't. we shared the place with jeremy's sister, parents and aunt and uncle.


this place was HUGE though. and even with that many people, it didn't feel tight or overcrowded. we didn't remember to take photos of the place. (except for the freakin' bathroom. and even our bathroom wasn't the largest in the condo!) there is however a video tour of sorts. ahem, please enjoy. (if you get motion sickness, you might want to skip it...)

but back to the reason we were there. jeremy's cousin was getting married and asked him to be the photographer. you want us to come to the beach and take photos of you? um, ok! so here's a sneak peek of a few photos. shot by jeremy, edited by me. (and holly, if you're peeking, these are filters i added to these shots; the original ones will still be on the disk you receive!)


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