November 17, 2011

new shop update & a few random things


there are most definitely a few new items in the shop today. yay!

oh, and did i ever tell you that the night before we left for the beach to shoot a wedding, jeremy kind of broke our dSLR? (just the lens, but still. yikes.) yeah, that's cool right? luckily i have an awesome sister who let us borrow hers and its two lenses. otherwise, we'd have been in a bind (to say the least).

and because said sister is so awesome, she let me borrow a lens to shoot the new products. i tried to with my point and click... and yuck! with it being dark in the mornings, and dark at night, there's just no time to shoot them during daylight anymore. and that measly little flash on the point and click was KILLIN' me. too bright. too dark. too, too, too. you name it and it was bad. so yay for sisters!

and then this one time last month, i decided i was crazy and would see if i could get my shop listed on heartsy. luckily the board that reviews everything wanted to work with me (yay!). my sell went live this morning. um, it's sold out. someone's got a lot of work to do over the next month. gulp. wish me luck?

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