November 1, 2011

he definitely received some treats!


halloween this year was a new experience. cayden understood it. and after hitting up the first house, he was a pro. thankfully, he had his older cousin to show him the ropes. (p.s. they were both so polite. my sister and i were very proud mamas.)


neither of them quite understood the idea of ringing the doorbell once. but that was ok. i'm sure when our lovely neighbors opened their doors to these two cuties, it made up for the fact that their doorbell had been rung three times and the knocking was pretty much non-stop.


cayden very much was in charge of his candy. while his pumpkin was getting quite heavy, he was not a happy camper when daddy tried to carry it for him. and now that i think about it, i wish we had take a little video of him walking around. honestly? with the way he was walking, a penguin costume would've been much more appropriate. we'll just say that he's got waddling down to a tee.


the night was awesome. plenty of other little trick or treaters. and a few older ones who hadn't even bothered to dress up. had i been home handing out candy, i'm not sure that the teens without costume would've gotten any treats. i mean, come on, at least put a little effort into something.


we got home and all of our cheeks were a little pink. cayden was all about his candy stash... but with it being so close to bedtime, we only allowed one indulgence last night. (although thinking back, about eight houses in, cayden was getting pretty slow... so jeremy gave him some whoppers for a little pick-me-up. what? he needed some energy!)


it was a great night and perfect first time trick-or-treating experience in our neighborhood. and this mama is looking forward to seeing what goodies she might be able to indulge in tonight after our little shark goes to bed.

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