November 29, 2011

five months old


sawyer, this month has been such a great month! you celebrated your first halloween. you were able to dress up as a skeleton to go trick-or-treating at mama's office. and then on halloween night, you dressed up like a fireman. we ::may:: have recycled your brother's first halloween costumes, but they were just too cute to pass up!

we also celebrated your first thanksgiving. we did it twice! the weekend before the holiday, we spent with your nana and pop. on actual thanksgiving day, we spent the day with your granna and poppa. both places included a lot of food and family. you weren't quite old enough to enjoy the food this year, but you definitely enjoyed all the family.

you found your feet this month too. and it's completely ridiculous. your big brother was never fascinated with his feet, so it's fun for all of us to get to experience something new. if you don't have a hand shoved in your mouth, you're most definitely trying to get your toes in there.


while you aren't quite ready to sit up on your own, you prefer to be sitting rather than laying now. i'm guessing that during this next month you'll most likely master this skill of sitting all on your own. oh, and we pulled out the exersaucer. i'm pretty sure that cayden still enjoys it more than you, but you'll figure it all out soon enough.

sawyer, we all fall in love with you more every day. there's something special about you. and we thank the good Lord for all that he's given us in you (and your brother!) every single day.

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