October 3, 2011

we stepped out.

... to a wedding, that is! on saturday evening, my second cousin (i think that's right?) was married to a lovely lady. it was neat because it was a second wedding for both of them and very fun to see all their kids involved. we were encouraged to bring our little ones. there were a few moments of tenseness (just for me) while the boys weren't perfect wedding guests. (cue cayden burping out loud. cue sawyer almost crying during vows. cue cayden finding crawling UNDER the pews very exciting. etc.)


but the reception was grand. both boys could be loud. and while sawyer chose to sleep in my arms for most of the time, cayden was a wild man. wild. like we couldn't control him. and that was BEFORE he had a cupcake. looking back, we're pretty sure he was delirious. he'd only had a short nap earlier in the day...


... or maybe it's just because he's two. who knows?


anyway, we got to hang out with family and friends that we don't see very often. and sawyer and cayden both got to meet cousins they'd never met before. and the four of us? we got ourselves another family photo. fun, huh?


[on jeremy] hat, shirt & pants: target; shoes: natha studio (DSW); glasses: runway couture (pelham eye care)
[on cayden] shirt & pants: target; sneakers: consignment find (brand new NB for $6!)
[on becca] shirt & boots: target; skirt: handmade (using this tutorial)
[on sawyer] shirt & pants: baby gap (cayden hand-me-downs)

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