October 28, 2011

then & now: boo jammies


these jammies were given to cayden by his granna... and while they might be a touch too big on sawyer still, we couldn't resist snapping some photos of him in it to compare them to cayden's photos. to me, i think they're looking less like each other every day. but then others say that sawyer looks just like cayden. i dunno. i can't figure it out.


while we were shooting some photos of sawyer, cayden took a little interest in the camera. that pretty much never happens anymore. i asked if he'd like to sit next to his brother and take a picture and he actually said, "yeah!" so, yay!


then cayden asked to hold sawyer. i'm not entirely sure he understands what that means really. we got sawyer settled in between cayden's lap and then cayden would just go limp, causing sawyer to go this way and that. it's actually a comical little series. yes, that's spit-up in sawyer's mouth in the second photo. and yes, it's being wiped away in the third. these boys. they crack me up.

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