October 6, 2011

our boys

remember how i said that cayden was a little wild this past weekend? yeah, it's stuck around for a bit. and all of this happened BEFORE 7 a.m. this kiddo is go go go. but i honestly wouldn't have it any other way. his energy keeps us moving. and it really keeps us on the edge of our seat. i'm sure we're about to enter into a whole new world of booboos soon. yikes.

as for the little guy, sawyer most definitely has found his voice. last night he wouldn't stop cooing, and this morning it continued on. in the background you'll hear our usual morning routines. talks about what kind of shoes cayden's wearing. and how he got some random owie that he can't tell where it is. you know, the norm. but try to focus on the cute babe making his cute sounds. (it takes a few second to get to the sounds, so just be patient.)

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