October 12, 2011

a little family time


we took to nature this past weekend to get a little family time in. it's always nice to be able to just get away for a few hours and reconnect with each other and with the world around you.


at our local state park, they have a pretty cool petting farm. having the animals walk right up to you is pretty fascinating.


cayden might have to disagree; he seemed to have a small fear of the goats. they really liked him though. i think it's because they were the same height.


we were able to take a small hike. there's a really cool trail that includes some caged birds that are being rehabilitated (owls and vultures and whatnot). while hiking, sticks became snakes! and acorns were a brand new discovery. being able to see all these things through the eyes of our two year old was a wonder in itself.


at the end of our exploration, we spread out the quilt my grandmother made for me and relaxed for a few minutes. while cayden and jeremy played soccer, sawyer and i sat and watched. it's in those little moments that i stop and really reflect on what my life has become. i have a beautiful family. and as stressful as the world can be, we are so very blessed with what we have.


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