October 31, 2011

halloween treat


for years (ok, just a couple of years), i've been itching to be able to create the "special treat" for one of cayden's class parties. there was one year where we made sandwiches for fourth of july. we made the most of it. and then there was another time where we got to take, um, sandwiches again. so. boring.


but this halloween? the hubby was able to sign us up for special treat. (yay!) i couldn't decide if i wanted to make mummy oreos or frankenstein mallows. in the end, this cutie won out. and i think they turned out fabulously. idea first seen on pinterest (where else?) and adapted for a peanut-free classroom. (eyes and nose are skittles. i saw on friday that plain m&m's can actually have a trace of peanuts in the shell. crazy, right?) hope those kiddos are enjoying them. and i bet the teachers are loving all the sugar in them. ha. (sorry teachers!)

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