October 29, 2011

four months old


little dude, today you turned four months old. and you're totally rocking at this life thing. your personality is really starting to shine and you constantly make all of us smile – your brother included! this month we had to visit the pediatrician for your first sick visit. somehow you managed to get a viral rash. and of course, two days after we took you, it cleared up completely.


you want to sit up so badly but have no control whatsoever. it's still fun to watch you try. you love looking at the world around you. your laugh is most definitely contagious. and when you see me or daddy, your entire body recognizes us – from the huge smile to the kicks to the almost jumping, you let us know that you're happy to see us. speaking of jumping, you tried your jumper this month. you don't jump in it yet, but you still dig it.

we have your fourth month well check-up on monday. we can't wait to see how much you've grown since we last went. and we're sorry in advance for the shots the nurse is going to give you. we love you so very much, sweet boy.

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