October 27, 2011

a celebration of fall


there's something exciting about the weather turning cooler and going to get pumpkins. while the weather didn't necessarily want to cooperate with us, we pretended it was fall-like and visited a new pumpkin patch this year.


it was a really great place with tons of fun things for the kiddos to do. we went with my family to celebrate my nephew's sixth (6!) birthday. there was a great bouncy area that was awesome to let the littles just run around. two big slides, two bounce houses and an obstacle course. the bouncy house that cayden jumped in was a horse on his back. um, it was strange. but cayden jumped and jumped. until he decided he was done. then he slid on outta that horse's belly.


the hayride to the patch was pretty awesome. the best part? it was pulled by a tractor. cayden stared and stared at that tractor with his mouth wide open. oh, and he tried eating hay. that didn't last long, but hey (hay?), you gotta try it at least once, right?


speaking of hay, over at the patch, there were quite a few hay bales for jumping. and you know, as much as i was afraid the hay would make our little guy itchy, we just embraced it and let him be a boy. (side note: when i took his pull-up off later, he had hay all up in his business. but no itchies. so we'll call it a win.)


and because big brother is totally hogging most of the photos opps in this post, here's one of sawyer. waiting on some cake. (just kidding! we didn't feed sawyer any cake. but we definitely fed our faces some cake. thank you publix for making some good stuff.) and for funsies, here's a look back at pumpkin patch fun last year and then in 2009.

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