September 9, 2011

we. are. family.


anyone got a song stuck in their head after that title? no? just me? let me repeat it then: we. are. family. and we so are! not just a little family of three. but a family of four. jeremy and i have kids. plural. children. not just child. however, that's so not the point of this...


cayden's starting his 2k program at school and they sent a request home for us to send in a photo of our child all by himself, a photo of the our home and a photo of our child's family. short of a couple of photos in the hospital when sawyer was born, we really didn't have a photo of just the four of us together. and because we're not normal people around these parts, we decided to not have someone snap a shot of us. we decided to try a fun approach to a family photo. sure, we could've all just stared at the camera, but where's the energy in that?


and to try to keep things from being stale, we gave cayden the remote for the camera. so we weren't really sure when he was going to press it... some of the photos did turn out a little staged. in the end, we ended up going with this lovely one. more natural of everyone. and while it's not the best photo, i think it ended up showing our family more than a staged photo would have. and it made it to our wall-of-photos that we're constantly adding to in the family room.


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