September 8, 2011



tuscaloosa. where do i even begin? we had a great trip. major traffic on the way to the game. and tons of cars flying their alabama flags. cayden couldn't say "roll tide" enough! every where he looked there was some form of roll tide. poor kid. i don't think he really got why there was so much roll tide everywhere. good stuff for sure.


but getting off the interstate and rolling into town? was a completely eye-opening experience. mcfarland doesn't look the same because of the tornados that came through in april. it was just weird. and going down 15th street? i got lost. seriously. my landmarks weren't there. there was simply nothing. tears welled up in my eyes despite my best effort to keep them at bay. my old apartment that i thought made it through ok? must have had awful damage because it wasn't there anymore. i couldn't even tell you where it would've been. it was just that desolate.


anyway, back to happier things! the game was so fun. we sat down and pointed out the field to cayden and he was all about it. we got him a ginormous hot dog (which he ate almost all of; little dude can take down a hot dog).


it was hot. and sawyer for sure let us know that he was uncomfortable. thankfully the stadium is huge and loud so a baby crying is far from distracting. but once he was fed and a little more comfortable he was all good. and let me tell you, despite the fact that the ergo we bought is the "performance" one, it was still hot. breathable material had nothing on the heat and humidity that day. sawyer and i were both soaked from sweat.


while cayden ran around and watched football, sawyer took quite a different approach to the game. an older man walked behind me and paused, looked at sawyer sleeping on the ground, smiled, look confused and then walked off. pretty awesome that he was able to sleep through the game.


by the time halftime rolled around, we had to head on out. the two year old was no longer controllable. i'm so thankful that jeremy's boss gifted us those tickets and that the area we were sitting in was much larger than regular seating. otherwise? i'm not sure we would've made it to halftime. we were able to listen to the rest of the game on our way home. and best of all, we were able to avoid the after-game traffic. (we fought traffic the whole way there, so fair enough that we were able to miss it on the way back.)

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