September 15, 2011

totally & completely random thoughts

• i had the weirdest dream about pumping last night. i was at work and the room i had to use was really nice. with a tv and everything (in real life? it's a supply closet. neat, right?). the weird thing though? there were tons of windows to the outside world. and they weren't covered in any way. this didn't seem to bother me. nor did all the co-workers that kept walking in on me. what did bother me? the fact that i forgot to attach the bottle to the horn so i was pumping breast milk into nothingness. it was going everywhere. woke up to the sads about all my wasted milk. luckily nothing like this has happened today. because, woah, that'd just be very strange.

• i have a habit of checking my teeth after lunch with my web cam. hey, it's convenient. and i bet some of you might start doing this yourselves. way easier than walking to a mirror. now that i do it every day, i'll usually snap a photo to send to my husband of me being ridiculous (cause that's what i'm best at). today? realizing that if my arms are super-close to the camera, they look HUGE. ha!


• the missoni hype at target? some of it was cute. some of it wasn't. but for reals, why in the world were people buying ALL of it just to list on ebay and make money off it later? completely beyond my comprehension. it's selfish, y'all. if you're not going to use, leave it for someone who does want it, ok? geez.

• favorite toddler moment this week so far: telling cayden i'm tired. cayden responds with, "yeah mommy. i tire. RRRAAAWWWWRRRR." oh sweetie, that's so cute and funny, but i'm tired, not a tiger. love that kid.

• oh, and i got my hair cut. see ridiculous photo above for reference.

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