September 29, 2011

three months old


three months old! that's crazy talk. but it's all so true, unfortunately. and i say unfortunately because really? i just don't want to believe it. you finally laughed for us last night while we were taking your photos. maybe it's because mama was acting like a crazy-lady trying to get you to look at the camera. it's such a fun laugh. just a short little "ha!" like thing. nothing like your big brother's belly laugh (maybe it'll turn into a fun belly laugh at some point)...

you've decided to have a growth spurt and eat more while you're at school. you made all the daycare ladies think you hated them for a day... until we realized you were just a little bit hungrier. but yay for an appetite and a growing boy!


you're gaining better control of your noggin every day. and LOVE looking around to see what's going on. your favorite things to watch right now are the ceiling light/fan (so! exciting!) and your brother. and your brother? he loves you like crazy. wants to play with you so desperately. no worries, we gently remind him that you're still a teensy bit fragile.

you light up our lives with your silly grins. and we can't wait to see where this next month takes you!


Rachel said...

Ah, I'm so glad he finally laughed! He was trying so hard the other day. Can't wait to hear it. And I must say, his hair looks awfully red in his 3 month photos...wait, what? 3 months?!?! Slow down, Sawyer!! Love you, little guy!

becca @ just one more trip said...

it's the funniest thing. sometimes it comes out a little bigger, but mostly it's a HA! and that's it. too funny.

melissa said...

Oh my goodness!

This post just has too much cuteness for me to handle right now :D

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