September 2, 2011

sick day turned craft day

i don't do well with sick days. i have a hard time sitting still and not doing anything. but with a stuffy (very stuffy) head, there isn't a lot i can do without feeling like complete crap in about 2.8 seconds. by the way, me and my neti pot? we're like BFFs this week. it's such a disturbing, but completely can't-turn-away-from-it, experience.

but i digress. so i needed something to do. last weekend i bought buttons to make us an A monogram ala these on pinterest. simple enough, right? no really, it was really simple. and fun. and no one got hurt or out of breath in making this. yay!


here's how i made mine... i had these little canvases that i had purchased to do some art project with. and of course, i never got around to doing it. but hey, this little canvas just happens to be the perfect size to fit in an area that needed some help on our photo wall (that's still a work in progress). so i gathered my canvas and buttons, printed out an A that i liked and then lightly traced it onto my canvas.


hey, look, some of these buttons are fastened by staple thingies. not. cool. after trying my best to pry them open with my fingernails (it didn't work), i got smart(er) and found a small flat head screwdriver to pry them open. and a big thanks to my sweet husband who brought me a sweet tea. without that tea, i may have given up on button removal until he got home. sugar helps everything.


once buttons were ready to go, i started laying them out in a pattern that i thought would work. be patient with this process and don't glue first. i'm glad i was patient because i ended up rearranging several of the buttons – especially when i stepped back and took a photo. the first couple of arrangements had entirely too much gray in them. so yeah. be patient.


and ta-da! see how it fits so nicely in that little area there? oh, and please ignore our poop colored walls. that's the color that the contractors painted it. picture this wall with a soft gray behind it. ahhhh, that's better, right? if the room weren't huge with like 18 foot high walls (i'm for serious!) it would already be painted. i actually think we might hire someone to paint this room at some point. but that's not the point of this post. look – crafty!

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