September 2, 2011

roll tide, people!


it's that time of year again. the weather starts to cool off and you can just smell fall in the air. oh, what's that? it's still mid-90s every day and no hint of fall? yeah, that's right. but let's just pretend. either way, it's september which means the beginning of football season. yay!


we have plans to actually take both boys to the alabama game tomorrow. first game for both of them. sure, sawyer isn't going to remember it, but we literally can't wait to see the excitement on cayden's face when he realizes what we're doing. he loves watching football on tv, so we're hoping he's just as excited when he sees his beloved "roll tide" take the field.


it's a really early game tomorrow (11ish), so tailgating will be a little calmer than previous years. after the game? i imagine it'll be party city. we'll be long gone before that party gets started. getting stuck in that traffic is never fun. add in people drinking and trying to drive. yeah, no thanks.


we're looking forward to getting cayden some shakers and some overpriced stadium food. i'm only kind of worried about all this going on during his naptime. but i'm guessing the excitement will win out and we'll get an awesome nap out of him on our way home.


we have a few other plans for the labor day weekend. here's hoping the weather will hold out for them. although honestly? some rain would be nice. and maybe, just maybe, it'll bring that fall weather we're all longing for. hope everyone else has a fabulous labor day weekend!

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