September 27, 2011

potty training fun!


big boy underwear + a new bike helmet + tennis shoes + no pants = adorable

can i get an amen? cause, amen! potty training cayden is actually going really well. except for that small tidbit of him not telling us when he actually needs to go to the bathroom. but otherwise? it's going exceptional. he's even got this face he makes and we just KNOW it's time to sit him on the toilet. and he gets so! excited! every time he gets to flush something away.

and i promise we don't let him run around without pants on all the time. in fact? he usually screams until we put pants on him. but not this day. this day he let the adorable shine. and the bike helmet was a consignment sale find on saturday. i'm not even kidding when i say that it has to be on his head when he's at home. at all times.

and p.s. what's more fun than things to play with in the garage? apparently nothing. as shown in this little clip.


aPearantly sew said...

My boys run around pantless a lot :) Oh, the joys of potty training! So, ummm, I love that yellow rug. Where did you get it?

becca @ just one more trip said...

i love the pantless look! so, so cute. and the rug is an old rug from pottery barn. i ordered it (brand new) through ebay about a year ago b/c it hadn't been in stores in a few years. i love it, but it sheds like crazy!

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