September 11, 2011

i remember


i remember that day. i remember being at work. i remember being annoyed that my cubbie mate listened to her radio too loudly every day. i remember hearing snippets of the first tower being hit. i remember hearing on that radio about the second tower being hit. i remember thinking it must be some sick joke the radio station was playing.

i remember realizing that it wasn't a joke.

i remember calling my sister, urging her to wake up and turn on a tv. i remember trying to get in touch with recent college friends in new york. i remember frantically searching the internet for the most recent news.

i remember going to lunch for a colleague who was leaving our company. i remember watching the tv in that italian restaurant. i remember president bush addressing the nation while we all looked around at each other in disbelief.

i remember not doing any work that afternoon. i remember crowding around a tiny tv in the editorial offices. i remember not closing my mouth and repeatedly saying "oh my gosh."

i remember watching both towers fall. i remember crying for the thousands of people i didn't know. i remember crying for all the people that lost members of their family that day.

i remember being terrified for our nation. i remember not knowing how to feel.

i still remember how that day made me feel. and how my heart aches for the loss of those innocent people. and how my heart aches for all those still affected by that day. and how my heart aches any time i see a photo or video clip from that day.

i remember.

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