September 23, 2011

coffee & elmo

the work week can be hard sometimes. it's easy to lose perspective on the things that are important. and it's even easier to lose sight of the small things. the little things that make you smile. or make you relax. or just make you, well, you.


things like coffee. and the smell that fills my car when my coffee mug goes from being unopened to opened. it's like breathing in relaxation for me. all the stress that was sitting in my body just goes away as that warm smell takes over my body. big sigh.


or you know, when you're trying to get this perfect shot of the boys in their matching elmo shirts. the infant screams for most of the shoot and the toddler can't. sit. still. so honestly? there's not a photo worth framing. but then i step back and really look at the photos that didn't turn out how i wanted. and there's definitely something there. that little smile the toddler gives. and the way the light is captured in his bright blue eyes. and the all-knowing look the infant gives at just the right moment... it turns out the photo is just. perfect.

today i'm linking up with lindsay over at from the aisle to aloha:

Aisle to Aloha

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