August 29, 2011

two months old


sawyer, this was a big month of changes. daddy and i moved you to your crib a few weeks ago. you had been sleeping in our room. but guess what? we all sleep better. in fact, you started sleeping through the night as soon as we moved you! you go to bed between 7-8 and sleep until 6. thank you so much for being a great sleeper! you also started daycare this month. it's only your second week, but you most definitely seem to love it. this mama is very thankful for that. let's see... you also met all of your great-grandmothers this month. and? you took your first road trips. the first one was to jasper (right around an hour trip). and the very next weekend we made the trip to tennessee (three hours)! you don't really love your car seat, but you manage ok.


you're already trying to laugh and the sounds you're making are so much fun! you surprise yourself all the time with your sounds. which just makes me laugh. hard. your brother loves you to pieces and he can't wait for you to be big enough to really play with him. we all are so in love with you. just, you know, quit getting older so fast, ok?

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