August 19, 2011

then & now: cloth diaper edition

we started using cloth diapers on sawyer this week. we knew it'd be a little different than with cayden since cayden was formula-fed. i'm talkin' going through diapers like they're going out of style here! but the cool thing about sawyer's diapers? because he's breastfed, we don't have to wash out his diapers first. i was a little leery leaving that poop in the diapers until we washed them, but it was like magic. with a cool rinse before washing, they came out perfectly clean. not one stain on them! now, if we could just get cayden out of diapers, we might have enough to last us an entire two days... one day.


and for fun, here's cayden and sawyer in the first few days of cloth diapering. obviously sawyer's a bit happier in his photo... but for the most part, these two are starting to look more and more different. sure, in the first comparison i did, they had very similar looks. but now? sawyer's most definitely starting to look like, well, sawyer. so fun to be able to compare how they look at similar times in their lives...

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