August 17, 2011

ten little piggies


the little man had his six week check-up this past monday (he's seven weeks old today!). and while weight was a concern at his two week check-up, both the nurse and our doctor commented that he definitely had gained the weight that he needed to. whew! and plus also? he's getting fat rolls! too, too cute!

[weight] 10 pounds, 15 ounces
[height] 23.50"
[head] 15.50"

he's grown two inches in less than two months. at this rate, i'm afraid he might actually grow out of his infant car seat way before cayden grew out of his. gulp. we might have a tall fella on our hands. oh well, it'll be a fun reason to buy a new convertible car seat!

anyway, as sawyer napped in the swing last night, his little feet were sticking out of his blanket and i couldn't resist shooting this photo real quick-like. he's such a sweetheart. i'm having a difficult time thinking that i'll be back at work this time next week. boo.

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