August 14, 2011

peace & quiet

some days, peace and quiet are a hard thing to find in our home. between an infant that relies on us for everything and a toddler that's going through all sorts of two year old issues, it really can be quite chaotic around here sometimes. for example, let's say that said toddler all of a sudden needs his tennis ball (what tennis ball? who knows!?!?) and he doesn't get it, something like this might ensue:

when i showed the video back to cayden, he actually laughed at it. so maybe he understands that it was a little ridiculous? maybe? yeah, ok, probably not.


but you know what? at the end of the day, everything is just right in our world. we say a little prayer and thank the lord above for the precious gifts he's given us. even if they drive us a little crazy sometimes...

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