August 5, 2011

new things


yep, a couple of new things going on in the allen household. first off? cayden got these awesome new sneakers last weekend and has pretty much refused to take them off – with bathing and sleeping being the only exceptions. that's ok though cause they're ridiculously cute. i mean, converse combined with dinosaurs? what two year old ISN'T going to love these? and hello, small human being-sized converse? it's just really hard to go wrong. (also on the plus side? velcro. cayden's already sort of learning how to put them on by himself. with the way velcro opens though, he keeps wanting to put them on the wrong feet.)

sorry for the poor quality/iphone photo

the other new thing? oh, you know, it's no big deal really. it's just that our big boy pooped on the big boy potty wednesday night! ok, so it's a HUGE deal! there's actually a photo of the poop, but i can't imagine anyone other than me and jeremy would want to look at that. if you really want to see it, just ask and i'm sure we'll share it with you. anyway, it was super exciting and here's hoping that he continues to want to go potty. (and yes, my twenty year old self would die if she were reading this today. how far have i fallen to be excited about poop? but for real. it's exciting stuff!)

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