August 18, 2011

[new product] medium wet bags

ok, you got me. not necessarily a new item, but it's been months since i've had any in the shop so it's kind of like they're new, right? no? eh, new[ish] it'll have to be then.


these wet bags are just the right size for when i'm out running errands. i can easily fit two soiled cloth diapers in them. and with the snap handle, i can attach them to the diaper bag or the stroller. that way i can always see them and i never run the risk of leaving these dirty guys in the diaper bag. (i mean, not that that's ever happened. and you know, i've never left a sippy cup of milk in my car for a few days, or weeks, either. nope, never. cause gross.)


whenever i use our wet bags, i just throw them in with my cloth diaper laundry. and because i'm usually totally lazy, i throw them in the dryer too. (as with anything, i'm sure they'd last a lot longer if i didn't dry them, but i do.)

so that leaves one more day of new product. and it's definitely one that you guys haven't seen from me yet. i'm a little excited about it and how cute it is! yay for fridays!

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