August 15, 2011

[new product] infant felt headbands

since it's my last full week at home, what better way to celebrate than to introduce some brand new products this week. yep, every single day this week, i'll be introducing a new product to the shop (ok, fine, one of them is a re-introduction, but they haven't been in the shop in months, so it's like new).


up first? this adorable felt headband. and no, i swear that's not my son modeling it! promise. but shhh! it totally is. i figure by the time he's old enough to know any better, these photos will be long gone. it just so happened that i wanted to do an infant headband and ta-da!, i have an infant at home. so see, they look equally as precious on little boys... although i'd suggest buying them for itty bitty girls unless you want to get weird looks.


they come in a variety of seven colors – just enough options to wear a different one every day of the week. and if you just can't stand the itty bitties having all the cute fun, the headband will stretch to fit adults too. so fun!

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