August 12, 2011

future stylist?

methinks probably not. this is how we went to the farmers market. you've got to love the boots and the "bracelets." (we attached some to sawyer's car seat, so cayden wanted some "bracelets" too.) i will admit, he looked so ridiculous that it was adorable. and the comments we got from different people was a lot of fun.


favorite comment of the day? older lady oohhh-ing at sawyer, then she sees cayden. looks back and forth and then asks, "are these two brothers?" um, "yes ma'am." older lady then points out the obvious, "but he's blonde and this one has such dark hair." really lady? i hadn't noticed that. but thanks. should we have a discussion on how genetics can work? i mean i'm a redhead and my sister's a brunette. our parents have different color hair... isn't that how it's supposed to work? different outcome probably almost every time one has a child i would guess... wow, um, tangent what?


anyway, this is how cayden frolicked after we shopped. there was some creek-wading first which somewhat explains the lack of footwear and rolled up shorts. i hope.


it was hot, so we weren't able to play very long. but a good time was had by all and cayden was asleep before we were able to get very far from the market. operation have fun and wear out the kiddos was a success!

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