August 22, 2011

dog days


it's hot. it's been really hot. and i'm not sure that it's going to cool off any time soon. we were finally able to get to a pool this summer. sure, it's basically the end of august, but hey, we'll take what we can get.


we were visiting my parents and their neighborhood has a pool. speaking of, our neighborhood is supposed to have a pool. it doesn't. but, BUT, we did happen to find out last night that once 17 more homes are occupied in our neighborhood, then the pool will be built. so that's actually pretty exciting. especially considering there's a new builder in the 'hood and currently there are six new homes being built. so maybe we'll have a pool by next summer. or the one after that. either way, we plan on staying in this home until our kids are out of high school, so we should be able to enjoy it for a while.


anyway, it was cayden's first dip since last summer so we weren't entirely sure how he'd like it. kids are weird like that. last year he absolutely loved it and had no fear of the water whatsoever. this year he still loved it, but he was for sure a little more wary of it. he didn't want his head going under much. once we were in the water for a while, he did gain some confidence and tried to swim to jeremy. which was awesome. except for the teeny fact that he swallowed half the pool.


it was also sawyer's first dip ever! we felt comfortable with it because it's a saltwater pool. no worries, we only had him in the sun for maybe five minutes? and not a full on dip into the water; just his toes. and why don't the little swimmers people make infant sized swimmers? a size small has a 16 pound minimum. not cool people. (as for a side note, cayden calls the swimmers "movie diapers." cause nemo is on them. duh.)

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