July 20, 2011

rolling over

so, yesterday, i tweeted this:


and yes, i for sure thought it was a fluke. until he rolled over again last night when jeremy got home. and just now, i caught this little clip. at first i thought he was going to get stuck on his arm (i think we all know getting over the arms are the major issues when trying to roll over), but then? he just plopped on over to his back! crazy. (and no, he doesn't really enjoy tummy time. but that's ok too. )

after looking back through the blog, cayden first rolled over at almost four months old! what the heck? is sawyer some genius kid, or is it really all still a fluke? i mean, he was lifting his head up the afternoon he was born, so i'm not sure i should expect anything different. i knew he was going to be feisty. i think i was right.

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