July 29, 2011

one month old


huh, what?!?! a month old? geez. with a second child, time is flying by even faster. for reals. sawyer is such a delight for us. and as much as we feared this child would be the complete opposite of cayden, we've been blessed with another great sleeper and overall even-tempered infant. whew. if we have a third child, they're bound to be wild, right? but we won't dwell on that right now.


sawyer, you're a dream come true for this mama. and just today, you gave me the best open-mouthed grins anyone could ask for. i look forward to the day you coo back to me in response. but for now? i'll take the sweet little noises you make and the awesome grunts too... even though those are usually accompanied by some other noises too. (which as a completely mature adult [ahem!] still make me giggle. even better? when the two year old tells sawyer to say "muse me." too funny.)

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