July 5, 2011

meet sawyer wray

Mama&Sawyer_1 (picnik)

our sweet boy joined the family last wednesday. i had a scheduled induction and it went beautifully. we showed up to the hospital around 5:45 that morning. we were quickly informed by our nurse that we were in a "competition" with the next door neighbors to see who could have their baby first. haha! (it was their fourth baby, so we were pretty sure we were already losers. but we won. by a long shot, apparently!)

StampedFeet (picnik)

my water was broken around around 7 am, and by 8:45 am, i had my epidural. when the anesthesiologist came in, i was sure to mention the leak and blood patch from last time. when i say the man took his time inserting my epidural to ensure that i wouldn't have a leak this time, i'm not kidding. it took so long that my back started cramping up and i was shaking uncontrollably. luckily, he finished up right as i was about to lose my cool. whew. (and best thing? no killer headache the next day. so no leak. yay!)

FirstBath_5 (picnik)

anyway, epidural in! and i kept the feeling in my lower legs this time. it was nice being able to still move my own legs and feel things. best. epidural. ever. in less than an hour, i'd progressed to 6 cm. and by 11:15, we were ready to push!

Burping (picnik)

sawyer was born at 11:40 am, weighing 8 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 21 inches long. i'm still not entirely sure where this kiddo was in my belly. it definitely explains the bruised ribs and general uncomfortableness that i just couldn't shake those last few days. we're all so in love (cayden included!) that we can barely stand it. he's a beautiful baby and is treating this mama and his daddy very well.

LongToes (picnik)

these are just a few photos from the day. if you want to see more, visit my flickr page!

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