July 9, 2011

little adventures


admittedly, we weren't entirely sure how bringing home a newborn would change cayden's world. i think jeremy and i probably both prepared ourselves for the worst... cause really, if you're expecting the worst, there's only room to be surprised, right? and surprised we were! cayden loves his little brother. gives him kisses all the time. wants to crawl up on him and hug him. and always says "hi!" to baby sawyer first thing in the mornings.


of course, we have those moments where sawyer's crying and cayden tells him to "shhhh!" (complete with finger to his nose [?] – it's close enough to his mouth, right?). and if cayden runs into something, or hurts something, he's much quicker to climb into someone's lap now. the whining from cayden has gotten a little worse, but we can't decide if it's the fact that he's two. that his two year molars are coming in. or that we brought home a new itty bitty. my best guess? all three.


so the other night, after we'd put cayden to bed, jeremy was out in the garage working while i was feeding sawyer. i heard cayden's bedroom door open and then close. about 20 seconds later, jeremy came in running for his camera (apparently the clouds from sunset needed to be captured). i mentioned that cayden had opened his door, so jeremy went to look. the sweet kiddo was laying in the hallway outside of his room listening to what was going on. instead of putting him directly back in bed, jeremy scooped him up and took him outside with him. a little adventure – especially since it was way past bedtime! i think these little adventures are something that our sweet cayden is going to need more of. because while it's important to pay attention to the newborn's needs, it's also important for us to give cayden some individual attention too. and these little adventures? are something i'm looking forward to.

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