July 28, 2011

gettin' dirty


jeremy and cayden had another little adventure. they went across the street where the neighborhood hasn't been developed yet and got a little dirty. it rains almost every afternoon right now (a nice little addition to our humidity problem; ugh), so it was a little bit muddy. jeremy and cayden both wore their boots. and after seeing them walk back home, i'm glad they had boots on for sure; their feet were dirty enough as it was.


cayden actually took a face plant at some point apparently. he had mud/dirt from the top of his face into his socks! straight to the bath for that little guy. anyway, they apparently had a great time. jeremy tried to teach him to climb hills. for a two year old that still falls quite frequently on flat ground, jeremy said he did pretty well. apparently we're "training" him for some future hikes. or something like that...

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