July 6, 2011

fourth of july

having a holiday weekend right after giving birth kind of rocked. i mean, i was off work anyway (as was jeremy), but school was closed. so we got to all spend an extra long weekend together. just the four of us. the four of us. we have children. as in plural. crazy. and so very awesome.


we took it easy. generally we spend the holiday in tennessee with my parents and watch awesome fireworks (that are super close to their house and HUGE), but obviously, this year the traditions had to change a bit. i don't think we got out of jammies until mid-morning, which was really nice.


when we were younger, and my dad's parents were alive, we used to go to their house in the country. we'd all sit outside and eat watermelon out of pie plates and wait (not so) patiently for the 4-5 different types of homemade ice cream that were churning. i can still hear the sounds of those ice cream makers cranking out the goodness.


while we didn't enjoy homemade ice cream, we did continue with the watermelon tradition. the toddler screamed when we tried to take his shirt off, so a watermelon covered shirt and face it was. the watermelon was very juicy and perfect for the hot and humid day we had.


sawyer wasn't quite ready to enjoy the watermelon (duh), but we most definitely wanted to get a photo of our boys (!) in their red, white and blue together. unfortunately, it rained mid-afternoon so all our good light disappeared before we were ready. but hey, we'll take what we can get. cayden's never looked SO. BIG. but what a great big brother he already is. sigh. we're so blessed.

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