June 1, 2011

a small peek into the nursery

like i mentioned yesterday, we're not quite finished with the nursery, but we're definitely making progress. i've been making a lot for this little nursery, and i'm loving all the handmade touches. (of course, this has caused my poor little shop to be neglected for a bit. but honestly? it's been fun to take a break and make things for our home.)


i've seen embroidery hoops everywhere lately. and with this room already using a ton of different fabrics, it seemed like the perfect way to put them all together. and? pretty much free artwork! i think all the hoops together were probably about $6? they were a natural wood color, which may have worked okay in this room, but i wanted the crispness of the white and am more than happy with my decision to paint them.


as for the reading corner, i fell in love with these fabric bookshelves when i ran across this nursery. (it's gorgeous, right?) there are all sorts of tutorials out there for how to make them. and because we didn't have a super-wide space to put our bookshelves, it was nice to see just how customizable these little guys are. poor sawyer; he doesn't actually have any books of his own yet, so i had to steal borrow some of cayden's. he wasn't the happiest two year old regarding that decision, but he agreed to let mama use them as a photo prop for the time being.

jeremy's still working on a big art piece for over the bed. i still need to decide what to hang above the bookshelves. (i'm thinking some custom art from my shop along with some other knick-knacks.) we have to hang up the new window decorations. yes, new. i totally changed my mind on what i wanted in there so now new things need to be installed.

but overall? i'd say we're coming along nicely. probably 85% there. and it's definitely livable, so if this little guy decides to come early? we're ready for him!

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