June 26, 2011

moobee (that's movie in cayden)

we did it! we took cayden to a big movie at the theatre. but let's back up and start this story at the beginning. because really? it begins the night before.

jeremy and i thought it would be fun to get cayden psyched up about going to see cars at the theatre. friday night, we pulled up the movie trailer and watched several different clips of the new movie and told him repeatedly that we would go see it tomorrow... after he went to sleep. he was all good with it until we told him it was bedtime.

cue epic. toddler. meltdown.

screaming. wailing. tears the size of a crocodile's. all of this interspersed with: lite (hiccup) mah (hiccup) keen (hiccup). oh my goodness. he obviously did NOT understand that we'd be seeing the movie the next day. so note to all parents of toddlers: maybe don't show a preview the night before. in fact, maybe don't show them anything or let them know that they're going until you're already there. cause, wow. we so weren't expecting that.


but, day of? went brilliantly! we got to the theatre and people were there promoting talledega. so cayden got to see a real race car and they were handing out all sorts of fun things like stress balls and beach balls. we were one happy camper!


when we walked into the lobby, you could just see the awe on his face. it may have been slightly overwhelming, but he soaked it up quickly and started yelling and pointing at everything going on around him.


and oh, the inside of the lobby with all the teebees! little dude was in heaven. he loved all the teebees so much that he had a hard time standing in line with us to get snacks. he kept backing up so he could still see them. so cute.


we were thankful the theatre had booster seats for the itty bitties. it helped keep the chair in place. and? they had their own cupholders! so cute. so he sat there with his popcorn and drink (it had 'mater truck on top!) and looked like this little-big kid.

unfortunately, we only made it about half-way through the movie. after 20-ish minutes of previews and an hour of the movie, cayden was up and down, climbing the stairs. so we left. i still don't know if lightning mcqueen won the overall race or not. but all in all? it was an awesome time. our little guy still just doesn't have the attention span to watch a full-length film. and that's ok with us. we'll try again sometime soon i'm sure!

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