June 24, 2011

just some thoughts of random


completely random? this photo jeremy sent me a couple of weeks ago. maybe it was his sweet way of reminding me that i used to have a cute body? more than likely it's just a sweet reminder of what a dork i am. and let's also note that this photo was taken about, um, four years ago? and i haven't been on a lawnmower since then. i suppose i'm not much of a lawn-mowing person.

to any curious, this sweet babe in my belly will meet us no later than wednesday, june 29. we go in that morning for an induction. but if he happens to come before then, we'd all be thrilled. well, i'm not sure that cayden knows what he's in for, so thrilled might not be the right word for him. oh, and i had a dream that he showed up with black hair. it'd be really weird if that actually happened...

speaking of cayden... how 'bout our first busted lip AND nose all on the same day? cause that's what yesterday involved. apparently he took a tumble on a bench at school and busted his lip. are busted lips supposed to be cute? because it kind of is. in a pitiful way. and then last night, right before bed, in a moment of trying to get away from daddy, he lunged face first into a window sill (they sit about eight inches off the ground) and busted the skin right under his nose. i was pretty sure we'd wake up to blood soaked sheets and black eyes this morning... but nope. just a little red and swollen. someone is making sure to look good in family photos next wednesday at this point me thinks.

here's to a random weekend. and our last as a family of three. i think we'll try the movies with cayden this weekend and see that little movie coming out. cars, or something? :-)

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