June 16, 2011

inspiration workshop #3 > green

i'm linking up with gussy sews on a fun new adventure she's taking on inspiration. this week, the inspiration prompt was green. there are so many things to choose from when one thinks "green," but i was able to finally decide on the direction i want to take.

Spring 2007

jeremy and i have talked and talked about trying to be more green in our everyday life. we'd love to get a rain barrel and start recycling our water. and we really need to set up a compost area. but most of all? we really want to have our own little garden. we had big plans to get a raised garden going this year, but those plans sort of sizzled out when we realized what we wanted to do was just a little over our budget for this year (and with new baby coming any day now, who could blame us?).

but next spring? you guys better watch out. we're going to plant all sorts of veggies. and who knows... by then maybe we'll have our compost pile rockin' and our rain barrel would be a fabulous way to keep that garden watered (if it would ever rain – anyone else experiencing a bit of a drought in their area?). our gardens won't really look a thing like the above photo... but i love everything about the way that photo feels. so we'll tweak it and make it work for us.

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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