June 9, 2011

inspiration workshop #2 > kitchen

i'm linking up with gussy sews on a fun new adventure she's taking on inspiration. this week, the inspiration prompt was kitchen. and oh, do i have a dream kitchen in mind!

kitchen inspiration

i seriously found this photo years ago and have drooled over it ever since. when i originally found it, we were still in our starter home and the only thing in common we had with this kitchen was white cabinets. no black granite. no hardwood floors. nothing.

now that we're in our newer home, we still only have one thing in common with this kitchen. but it's a big one. our granite is currently black, so this kitchen is now a lot more doable for us. i love the clean lines of it and the simple, serene colors. the bright cabinets paired with those dark floors have me drooling. we would probably do our hardware a little differently. but that subway tile! ::swoon:: and i only wish we had an island area like this one, but i think we can make it work. it's most definitely on our list to get to. (after a deck, fence, the family room and the master bedroom... but we'll get there!)

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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