June 7, 2011

because one day...

... all too soon, you won't want to walk out the door with epic bedhead any more. you'll take a look in the mirror and ask me to help you smooth it out. and while i'll wet your head down, i'll never ever forget the days when your hair would just bounce around. and you had no care in the world.


cayden, you're amazing. seriously. i don't know how many times i can type it or tell you or scream it to the world. i doubt you'll ever realize what a delight you are to me and your daddy. you're the funniest thing. with these quirks that might be inherited from one of us, but mostly, they're your own special thing.


i can't wait to introduce you to your baby brother and see just what kind of awesome bond you two will form (and i'll admit, i'm looking forward to the bedhead that he'll create too). sure, i expect you to have an "allergic" reaction to him at first. but you know what? you've surprised me with so many other things that you do, that maybe you'll surprise me with how you welcome your new sibling.


for the time being, keep being your sweet, silly, little self. how i wish that there were better ways to capture moments in time than a photo. or even a video. i wish these memories would stay fresh in my mind forever. but these photos will help reawaken memories we feel might have faded over the years. you rock our world, my precious itty bitty.

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