May 12, 2011

she's crafty...


... or at least i like to pretend! what probably should've taken no longer than a few hours total took me much longer than that. while i love the way my wreath turned out, i think the first problem i encountered (and realized much too late) was that i bought the wrong kind of wreath form. see how mine has kind of squared off edges? yeah, most people's have rounded edges. wrapping something in yarn that isn't round? take for-ev-er. literally. i had to wrap it at angles and then go around the thing three different times. talk about a mindless task.


but oh, the texture that wrapping it three different times brought was such a happy accident for me. so it's not perfect, but it's nice and texture-y (sure that's a word) and i loves it.


i also had fun with my first felt project – flowers! i used this tutorial to make these and again, i'm overall pretty pleased with how they came out. and gray and yellow? perfect spring (almost summer) combination, right? i ::think:: i might even attempt to make another wreath (albeit with the correct wreath form this time) for our hospital door for sawyer. flowers might be a bit girly for that though. any suggestions on something boyish i could put on there instead?

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