May 18, 2011

elephants on parade


when we found out we were pregnant with sawyer, i decided that i wanted to make most of the things to go into his nursery. when i was pregnant with cayden, i was literally still afraid of my sewing machine, so there was most definitely a lack of "homemade" going on in his nursery.

this time around, it all started with crib sheets. then i decided i could make curtain panels (i mean, for real, how hard could that be?). and from there it progressed into whipping up a crib skirt, a couple of toss pillows and his mobile.

wait, what? his mobile? becca, are you completely crazy? (verdict's still out on that one.) we had purchased a metal mobile for cayden's room and made these cool little flashcard type things. i wanted to reuse the metal part (cause, duh) and i decided that i could make my own felt elephants.

felt? is very different than sewing with a machine. with my machine? i'm super-comfortable now. but sewing things by hand? let's just say that these are being made with love. i'm not emily bilbrey y'all (who is fabulous and you should check out all her felt goodies for sure).


but you know what? these little elephants are super-duper cute. and once i got a little filling in them, they really started to take a life of their own. even jeremy thinks they're cute. i've gotten three of them put together so far and have seven left. i can't wait to get home and finish them and get the mobile all put together. i'm thinking it's going to be to-die-for cute.

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