April 8, 2011

what a silly thing

Silly Boy

so it turns out that cayden wants to start dressing himself. which is totally awesome with us. we most definitely want to encourage his independent spirit and help him develop creatively. (i mean, with two creative parents at home, we absolutely don't want to stifle anything.)

but when said child wants to wear a long sleeve jersey on a day when it's going to be 80-something degrees out, what do you do? you let him wear it, of course! the sad cries of "roll tide" were too much to take. and believe me, he completely freaked out as jeremy tried to put an undershirt on (more "roll tide" cries ensued, but the undershirt did go on). once a pair of shorts were found to kind of go with it, he was all good to go.

he proudly walked around the house this morning saying "eme-fant" and pointing to the small elephant logo on his chest. and then he cheesed it up for the camera this morning. good grief, i love this kid!

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