April 26, 2011

on having a sick child

is there anything worse than your child feeling bad? i can't think of anything off the top of my head. and the worst part of it all? there's really nothing we can do. we know he's running a fever. we know (and hope) it's got to be teething (cayden's entire hand shoved into his mouth is a good sign). we know we're going to be changing runny diapers at least once an hour, if not more often.

Asleep Beanbag

but the screams from your child when you have to change those diapers? is heart-breaking. his little butt would probably glow in the dark it's just that red. we're switching between diaper rash cream and baby powder. and while i know that a bare bottom would be best in this situation, it's really not doable with the things that keep coming out. & unfortunately, a sick cayden, is also a cayden that says "no" to wanting to go outside. ugh.

Following Daddy

so while the kiddo is pitiful, this mama and daddy is taking advantage of the cuddle time. and yes, we even pulled the pacifier back out and it seems to help. and hopefully he'll give it up just as easily and he took it back. (and could he look any cuter being sick?)

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