April 21, 2011


guys? i'm gonna get honest here. sometimes? i get discouraged. like really discouraged. not in my personal life. no, no. that area is perfectly fine. the area i'm talking about is in my small business. i have all these great ideas (and i do my best to jot them down to remember them), and when they're executed, i'm head-over-heels in love with them.

but then i see someone else doing something similar. and i get discouraged.

or say, the shop is doing really well. selling things left and right. then there's a bit of a dry spell. and guess what? that woe-is-me feeling is back. which really? is just silly. i mean, all the pressure i feel to do good with my shop is self-inflicted. which again, is just dumb. there's no reason to put all this pressure on myself.

so then, i have to sit back and reflect on why i'm having these feelings. and you know why? because i'm all, "it's all about me, me, me." but it's not. it's not about me at all. i'm just this little person in this huge world. and guess what? i'm not in control. the good lord above is the one in control. and when i stop and think about things that way? the pressure lets up. and i just let things ride.

and when i let things ride like that, i'm in a much more peaceful place. which is currently where i am. and there's a verse that i love so much that keeps these thoughts in perspective. and i wanted to share it with you guys. but instead of just sharing it all typed out, i (of course) had to design something. so friends? if you'd like, i created this little image and i'd love for you to download and print it out and hang it somewhere. and then whenever you're feeling discouraged, it'll hopefully help re-center your thoughts too. (you can right click, save it to your desktop and print it. p.s. if you want a higher-res version of it, just shoot me an e-mail and i'll send it to you.)

me? i think i'll print myself a copy and hang it over my sewing machine. it'll be a constant reminder that i'm not in charge. and i like that.


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