April 28, 2011


friends, yesterday was an ugly day in alabama. and it's given me a very heavy heart this morning. i'm not sure that any county was spared some damage. from straight line winds to unbelievable tornadoes... hardest hit? tuscaloosa. it was my home for four years, and i can't help but tear up when i see the photos and footage.

i saw this video last night. it looks like it belongs in a movie, doesn't it? by the way, that's bryant denny stadium right in front of the tornado; home of the crimson tide football team. and don't even get me started on the desolation on 15th street.

i've got word that my friends and family there are safe and unhurt. but there are many, many others who aren't ok. who no longer have a home. who aren't sure where to go or what to do. please say a prayer for our state and keep us in your thoughts.

adding one more video that i just watched. it's a little long, and the guy that filmed it is probably a moron for staying so close, but without his bravery, we wouldn't have this video. um, wow.

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