April 19, 2011

crib sheet = done


i finally got my butt upstairs and got my craft on over the weekend. that's right, friends! i finally got one (of two) crib sheets made. this is the second one i've ever made (the first being for cayden's room when he was still in the crib) and i am thrilled to say that this one turned out so. much. better. maybe it's because i feel a little more confident in my sewing skills, or maybe the tutorial i used this time was just a little more accurate.


can i tell you the biggest pain about making a crib sheet though? (and also probably the most time consuming?) threading that freakin' elastic through! thankfully it's a really mindless task and super-easy to do while watching tv. but i think it took me somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes to get it all the way 'round. otherwise? making this crib sheet was a piece of cake! i have one more pattern that i want to use for the other sheet (and we have a solid white sheet left from nursery 1.0), then i should be able to move on to the crib skirt. yay, progress!

Photographer Assistant

and we can't forget the photographer's assistant, can we? he followed me in the room and kept shoving his arms through the crib and yelling "cheese." so one can only presume that he wanted his photo taken too. love my little helper. he's going to be a fantastic big brother!

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