March 29, 2011

update on the nursery

you guys? if you saw the nursery right now, you'd laugh. like, yeah right you're going to have an infant in there in three months (gah! three months!). for real. the crib is in pieces. the closet organization system is put together, but in the floor – not in the closet. mostly because the closet is being touched up where we ripped out the old "system" and still needs to be painted. we HAVE painted the walls though. and curtains are hung. so we have started. but until i have real progress photos, i thought i'd share where we're going with it.

Nursery Inspiration

we got this chair for super cheap at overstock. and while we'd both love to have the real version, we couldn't justify spending that amount. so yes, it's a knockoff, but one we're both really happy with and can't wait to see in the room.

the top color block is the wall color, while the lime-ish color block is our accent color – the curtains are this color, the crib skirt will be this color and other little knick-knacks that we find to accessorize the room will be this color. the pattern on the far right? crib sheets! the moment i saw that fabric (in both the blue and pink versions), i knew that's what we'd use in the nursery. and when we found out we were having another boy, ta-da! fabric purchased. (and of course it sits and waits for me to turn it into crib sheets. soon. very soon.)

so yay for a small update, right? i do hope to have photos to show of the progress soon. and you know, our goal is just to have it done before the kiddo arrives. so we're kind of off to a good start, right?

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